About Us

We are “About” Saving Money buying and selling real estate. We have two ways (flat fee MLS listing & 3% MLS listing) to save money selling your home and one way (home buyer rebate) to save money buying a home.

SELLERS: Flat Fee MLS Listing:  Pay an Administrative Fee $300 to $500 to Busy Bee Realty as your Listing Brokerage. And, Pay 2% or 3% to a Buyer’s Agent who brings in your Buyer. If your Buyer does not have Realtor, there is no 2 or 3% Commission to pay. Your only fee is the Administrative Fee you paid Busy Bee to provide your listing and assistance.   www.MLSHalfPrice.com   Call us at (502) 759-4663. Or email us at info@mlshalfprice.com

SELLERS:  Three Percent MLS Listing:  As you know, Traditional MLS Listings are commonly 6%.  No Payment upfront. One Percent goes to US – Busy Bee Realty and Two Percent is given to the Buyer’s Agent.  Three Percent Total Commission – not Six Percent.  If a Private Party buys the home without a Buyer’s Agent, then One Percent of the Sales Price is Paid at closing, not Six Percent. This is a great savings. The cost is either 1/6 of the Traditional MLS Listing OR ½ of the Traditional MLS Listing – either is a win!  www.3percentmlscommission.com because that could be your total commission.   www.1percentmlscommission.com because Busy Bee Realty gets one percent commission – not 3% and not 6%.  Email us at info@mlshalfprice.com  or call us at (502) 759-4663.

BUYERS:  Home Buyer Rebate:  When a Buyer uses Busy Bee Realty or a Real Estate Brokerage (referred by Busy Bee Realty) a good portion of the commission that Busy Bee or the “referred’ Brokerage would receive will go to the Buyer.  It may be provided as a check thru closing or as a payment toward the Buyer’s closing costs such as home insurance, title recording and processing fees and other allowable costs in the purchase of a home.  www.kentuckyhomebuyerrebate.com for KY State or www.CashAtClosing.company or www.HomeBuyerRebate.com Email for info to info@MLSHalfPrice.com or call (502) 759-4663.

No MLS Percentage is fixed by companies, MLS or governmental actions. MLS fees are negotiable. Busy Bee Realty is not a MLS. Private Parties cannot directly list on the MLS. Real Estate Brokerages list on the MLS. Either Busy Bee Realty or a trusted Real Estate Broker partner will list your home on the MLS. For purposes of the examples above, 6% is used as the Traditional MLS commission.