Refund Policy

You may cancel your MLS listing once placed in the MLS at any time by contacting your broker with no refund given.

If you cancel your order before the broker has placed the listing in the MLS, we will refer you to another broker, or refund what was charged at that point fee minus a $50 administrative charge.

Fees are non- refundable after your home is entered into the MLS and/or signs and other supplies have been shipped.

If the local broker is required to meet with you in order to put the listing in the MLS, the fee is not refundable after the meeting. You may receive a refund for any supplies you have ordered (minus any shipping, handling, or restocking charges) by giving us written notification before they have been shipped. The local broker may have other terms which may apply. See the broker's listing agreement for details.

The services offered on this website do not warrant or guarantee to find a buyer or result in the successful sale and closing or your home. Our liability is in all cases is limited to the referral fee paid to us.