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All commissions are negotiable. This is a broker that lists on the MLS and is not the MLS itself. Seller must list with a brokerage to acquire a listing on the MLS. Sellers cannot list directly. Listing agreements are finalized through through listing documents not thru this website. This website is to preliminary information about services. It is not the purpose of this site to provide detailed information as sellers often have different situations requiring different and/or adjusted services or states can have different and/or changing requirements. Additional services, seller special requests and state required service requirements vary with each state and seller and are addressed in preliminary emails and listing agreement to provide seller with detailed knowledge that fits that seller’s particular scenario. The initial email and the listing agreement will address specific issues requested by the seller or state in further detail. This website is not intended to be a "know all" site discussing any potential seller need or any particular state's legal requirement that may or may not incur further fees or discussion - that would be too broad to cover on the site. We welcome calls and emails inquiring about further details.