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Sold Listings, Seller Savings.

2295 kyle dr hebron sold and closed

2295 KYLE DR HEBRON SOLD AND CLOSED. From listing to close date, about two months - great timing. This one was listed for $385,000. Compared to using a six percent commission rate, using our system the Seller saved around $11,000. Isn't that amazing? Why would one person sell a house at this price and pay around $21,000 and another pay around $10,000. I just don't know. We put the houses on the same MLS with the same uploads and we represent our Sellers to get the job done. We don't have fancy offices. You don't pay for that. We don't have fancy Realtor cars. You don't pay for that. We do pay alot for MLSs and websites to directly get your home sold. But a fancy office does not get your house sold. It is the MLS that sells it. So get your best deal on it. Are we your best deal?
Sold Listings, Seller Savings.


1543 JOHNS LANE NICHOLASVILLE IN CONTRACT TO SELL!! This is another great town to sell - Nicholasville. I have had more luck selling than i deserve and my Sellers are saving thousands and thousands of dollars. Wow, life is good. This property should sell for around $260,000 to $270,000. And the seller is happy. There should be a savings of about $15,000 in commissions! Wow. What a deal and we just listed it 5 24 17. Is that just too cool?
I guess some sellers want to pay more commission. I don't know why. Maybe some Sellers are more comfortable paying more commission. That isn't you, is it? I did not think so.
Sold Listings, Seller Savings.

Another home in Danville Sells! How many will we sell this month? Yep, you are right - lots! and the sellers pay so much less. What a deal

121 Angela Dr. Danville KY Sold and Closed. Danville is also a great place to sell. Nice home. Listed for $184,500. Seller saved around $5000 in real estate commissions by using one of our plans instead of a typical six percent commission. Everybody should save money! Everybody should list with me today! Wow, my phone would be pretty busy! But, why not? Hey Everybody, list with me today.
Sold Listings, Seller Savings.

6 6 17 Another into pending sale? Wow, we are selling so fast, but why aren't we selling yours?

1730 Pecks Creek Rd Stanton Goes into contract to sell. Just listed it less than a month ago. Lots of activity. Seller wanted just the right contract. Selling is saving lots compared to a six percent commission sale. This Seller lists with us often because this Seller knows that we sell fast and that we save him money. You should too. I wonder how many we will sell this week?
Sold Listings, Seller Savings.


4409 Hartland Parkway Lexington went into pending sale!  Nice property.  This seller is saving alot of commission money.  Though commissions are negotiable, most all in the country seem to end up at six percent.  This seller will be saving around $6000 by using our commission plan in comparison to using a six percent commission.  We should save you money too.  
Sold Listings, Seller Savings.


218 HORN RD CECILIA GOES INTO PENDING SALE!!  This one was listed for $159,900.  This Seller has worked with our Busy Bee Program for years.  This Seller knows this is how to sell your house, have good representation from a broker and save a lot in comparison to using six percent commissions.  We are having a great time selling homes.  And those homes are selling.  Why not list with a company that you pay much much less to and gets it done?  Call us or email us now - Thanks.  
Sold Listings, Seller Savings.

1229 Hermes Ave Covington goes into contract to sell

This has been a wonderfully busy week.  We have sold just at 920 homes in our broker's name.  We are a fast selling online real estate brokerage and organization that has listing in KY and colleagues throughout the states of the United States.   Where ever you are, what ever state, contact us to get you these huge discounts.  Most Sellers save around $3000 per $100,000 of sales prices compared to using a six percent listing.  Most of our sellers are paying 3% commission or 2% commission plus an admin fee.  Wow, lots of money saved.  And we sell real well.  Thanks  Chuck