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Sold Listings, Seller Savings.

July 2017 4400 Bryants Creed Rd Boonesville KY 41314 sold and closed Seller saved around $3000 compared to a six percent listing

i want to document for you how well it is going.  What other brokerage shows you what homes they are selling?  What other brokerage discounts like this?   No don't know of any.

What other Broker has sold over 990 homes in his name?  Not a team name?  Not for the entire brokerage?  Just me!  Who else do you know that has that kind of experience?  

You need experience!  You need a broker who sells and sells and sells!  You need a broker that saves you near half what a six percent brokerage would cost you.  Now all commissions are negotiable but does it seem like they all end of six percent?  give or take most all of them?  Except me.  No argument, i want you to save.  Call us now.  Chuck


Sold Listings, Seller Savings.

August 2017 308 Town Square Circle Cold Springs KY sold and closed Seller saved around $6000 in comparison to using a six percent

Why would anybody pay six percent?  or five percent?   or four percent?    Why pay that much - unless your Realtor has sold more than me.  I have sold over 990 homes this way, in my name, documented on Zillow.  If you find somebody who has sold more, then they are worth  whatever they want.  Thing is, I don't know anybody who has sold more than me, in their name.  So go with the one that sells, me.